Sworn translations

Ever since your son was born, you have visualized his international academic future at the best universities.

Your parents couldn’t do it for you, but you opened that account for his studies and have made sure that he learned a second language right from the time he started talking. You have helped him to see all the advantages of learning and experiencing other cultures while studying under other learning systems.

The only thing that you’re not sure about right now is whether he will be admitted to Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, or any other of the best international universities in the world, where getting in is quite competitive.

So you send applications like mad to all of them; you never know when it will be your (and his) lucky day.

His grades aren’t cum laude, but you have to try… after all, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Then, when the school year is almost about to start and you haven’t had news on any of your applications, it happens: a vacancy has popped up in one of the universities your son applied to, but they urgently need all his academic transcript, his criminal background check, his birth certificate, his medical file, and a whole lot of other official documents in the local language.

Of course it has to be a sworn translation; that is to say, an official document.

Not just any translator can do a sworn translation.

They have to be accredited to ensure the legal validity of the document in question; that is, in Spain, they must be recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You don’t even ask your son if he wants to go; you’ve got enough on your plate with the cold sweat and the adrenaline running through your whole body.

Relax, give us a call.

At Aire Traducciones, we have the best — not only because of their extensive experience but also because of their availability for any urgent matters that crop up.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Just send the documents and put him on the plane.

Later on, if he doesn’t like the place, you can talk about it.

Truth be told, along with medical translation (a service we also offer), this may be one of the most crucial: birth certificates, powers of attorney, criminal background checks, contracts, deeds, court decisions, death certificates, passports, IDs, articles of incorporation, academic transcripts….

In many cases it is absolutely necessary to be precise and rigorous; any mistake could have horrible consequences.

Call us, we will do our job flawlessly and in record time, offering you more than 550 language combinations.

Sworn translation services

We are like a notary for your translations. We certify that the sworn or certified translation is a true and exact representation of the original document.

The signing and drafting of contracts, as well as their legalization, is of vital importance for companies that need fast service for their international expansion plans.

We at Aire Traducciones are sworn translators; thus, we can do the work quickly and with utmost quality.

We offer sworn translations to all language combinations that are authorized/recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and we have sworn translators in our own office in Madrid.

What type of sworn translation do you need?

Translation of academic transcripts

If you have to translate your academic transcript for another country, we can do the sworn translation into all the combinations approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Translation of marriage certificates

Do you need to submit your marriage or birth certificate outside of Spain? We are sworn translators and we certify your documents so that you can present them in any country you need.

Translation of court records

We can translate court records kept during legal proceedings, providing official translations done by sworn translators.

Translation of power of attorney

The translation of powers of attorney allows notarized documents to be valid before official Spanish governmental bodies and agencies and those of other countries, and the power to represent continues to be valid abroad.

Translation of annual reports

Translate your company’s annual reports into whatever language you need. We work with more than 550 language combinations and the terminology that is specific to your sector.

Translation of criminal record checks

Do you need a criminal record check for an international body or for use abroad? We can translate your criminal background check into all the language combinations approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Translation of sales contracts

To ensure that everything is crystal clear in a sales process, you have to have a proper translation to the target language so as to avoid problems down the road.

Translation of last wills and testaments

Delicate times call for a sworn translation of these types of documents to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are being respected and to avoid any misunderstandings among heirs.

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