Urgent translations

You’re about to close an important deal. You already have an appointment with the notary, all parties agree on the terms and conditions of the contract… at last, after months of negotiation.

But, wait! One of the parties says, just days before everything is to be signed, that they need to have the contract in Cantonese as well so it can be sent to the partners in China. A little last-minute gift.

An international client needs a user manual or some instructions translated to their language and they have a deadline to train their employees on the product.

What’s more, to register your son in Singapore you have to send in his birth certificate. Preferably in Malay. With an official translation, of course (see sworn translation).

Sometimes negotiations and government burocracy give us last-minute surprises.

If this is your case and you need an urgent translation, we are your agency.

Court records, contracts, whatever you need: we have experts in all subject matters to translate your documents in the clearest and most effective way.

All of these situations have a solution.

We have an urgent translation service for any type of document (legal, technical, specialized texts) in more than 550 language combinations with the highest quality.

Urgent translation services

We do all types of urgent translations while maintaining utmost quality.

We urgently translate all types of documents and texts for lawyers and staff in the legal sector: urgent translation of birth certificates, urgent translation of court records, urgent translation of academic transcripts, etc.

For professionals in the technical sector (engineers, architects, and surveyors) we provide urgent translation services for technical specifications, user manuals, and instructions for use.

We offer urgent translation to more than 550 language combinations and we have translators in our offices in Madrid. Contact us.

What type of urgent translation do you need?

Urgent translation of academic transcripts

If you need to transfer your academic transcript to another country, we can do its sworn translation into any of the language combinations approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in record time.

Urgent translation of marriage certificates

Do you need to present proof of marriage or birth outside of your home country urgently? We are sworn translators and we certify your documents so that you can present them in whatever country you need to.

Urgent translation of technical specifications

We translate technical documents with specialized terminology in architecture, infrastructures, or any other construction sector — and we do so in lightning time.

Urgent translation of user manuals

All products should have a manual for assembly or proper use. We can do an urgent translation of your manual to help users achieve maximum understanding.

Urgent translation of annual reports

Translate your company’s annual reports into any language you need quickly and efficiently. We translate more than 550 language combinations, taking care of the specialized terminology for your sector, and we do so with even the tightest of deadlines.

Urgent translation of commercial contracts

Everything being crystal clear in a business transaction means you need a proper translation into the target language to avoid confusion down the road.

Urgent engineering translation

Do the engineering work without worrying about the language, as we translate your documents in record time. In topics as important as these, full understanding of a document’s content is vital to ensure that everything goes smoothly. As we are sworn translators, your peace of mind is guaranteed.

Urgent translation of instructions for use

We can do the urgent translation of the machinery and tool manuals that construction companies need to carry out their projects.

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