Translating medical texts

Of course, all professional translations have a great deal of responsibility inherent thereto, and that certainly is the case of medical translations as well. It might sound crazy, but something as simple as a coma could save a life.

It is not necessary to resort to extreme cases, something much less dramatic yet, at the same time, much more frequent like a simple drug package insert can be a huge headache for a company if its translation contains inexact text.

There are many examples: research protocols, informed consent forms, instructions for the use of medical instruments. There is no branch of translation that demands greater accuracy than medical translation.

Our more than 20 years of experience have given us the opportunity to collaborate with dozens of companies in the medical industry. We have translated drug package inserts, clinical trials, medical assistance agreements, consent forms, and even a lot of technical sheets for face masks and hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are proud that our professionalism in translation has helped to improve the global health of the population, even if our contribution has been small.

Medical translation services

Medical translations belong to the scientific/technical translation category: an important and sensitive sector, as the translator is required to have specific skills and knowledge in order to use the sector’s terminology correctly and offer the client a service of utmost quality.

At Aire Traducciones, we provide quality service in multiple areas: all medical and surgical specialties, clinical diagnosis, health statistics, veterinary medicine, and the medical industry in general.

We offer medical translations into more than 550 language combinations.

What medical translation do you need?

Technical translation

We translate technical documents full of specific medical and pharmaceutical terminology, as well as terminology from other health sectors.

Translation of drug package inserts

For pharmaceutical companies, we can translate drug package inserts to ensure patients’ full understanding.

Translation of patents

Do you need to patent a medical product? We are sworn translators and we collaborate with legal and medical firms to translate your patent into any language you need.

Translation of production processes

We can translate your medical production process into more than 550 languages for the knowledge of employees, regardless of their nationality.

Translation of second opinions

Have you requested a second opinion from a foreign specialist? We can do the sworn translation of your diagnosis to ensure that you understand it without the slightest of doubts.

Patient accompaniment

Do you have a sick family member in another country who is going to come to Spain for treatment? Are you going to receive treatment in our country but you don’t understand the language well? Don’t think twice; we can accompany you during your stay in our country so that you fully understand your medical diagnosis, evolution, and everything about the necessary treatment.

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