Translating legal texts

All translations are complex.

Even those that could seem simple at first sight.

Idiomatic expressions, the tone, the technical jargon, etc. Just think, if you add to all that the cumbersome, dense, and often archaic legal language of legal texts, it’s quite the challenge.

Now, forget about English (after all, you manage that language quite well), and think about Slovak.

Or Korean.

If you start down that path, you might find yourself walking on thin ice.

And to complicating things even further, we are not talking here about a harmless corporate blog post.

Or the text of a promotional flyer.

What’s at stake here are contracts that will provide the legal basis for your professional activity for years.

Even –hopefully, you don’t have to go through this– court litigation.

You can’t take all that lightly.

One of the good things about being a part of this sector for more than 20 years is that what for you is the most bizarre case of your career (for example, interpreting the particularities of the Croatian Commercial Code) for us is probably nothing new… in fact, it’s likely to be the third or fourth time we have faced the same challenge.

And, best of all, we are still in touch with that Zagreb lawyer who was burnt out from practicing law when he reached 40 and took off for a Carribbean beach, having decided to live off of translating a handful of contracts from time to time.

Well, that very specific translator can save you tons of problems.

And having contacts everywhere (in terms of languages and sectors) is our job.

So that you can sleep soundly at night.

Legal translation services

Legal translation is the translation of texts in the field of law, and because all laws are specific to one country, the translations must be adapted to each culture — when dealing with legal translations, the process and the product are not always linguistically equivalent.

Only professional translators specialized in legal translation should translate legal documents and academic texts. At Aire Traducciones, we specialize in legal documents; thus, we can do your legal translations quickly and with the highest quality.

We offer legal translation into more than 550 language combinations and we have sworn translators in our own office in Madrid.

What legal translation do you need?

Translation of contracts

Hire foreign staff members without having to worry about language barriers. We translate contracts for your company regardless of the destination country.

Translation of powers of attorney

We are sworn translators and we can certify your power of attorney document in any language you need.

Translation of public deeds

Thanks to our being sworn translators, we work with notary offices and reliably translate the contents of notary deeds.

Translation of legal records

We translate any records that have been drafted during the legal process, providing official translations as we are sworn translators.

Translation of due diligence documents

Are you thinking of acquiring or establishing a collaborative relationship with a foreign company but you don’t have information about it because everything you find on it is in a language you don’t speak? We take care of looking into the company and doing the translation of any documentation in accordance with the data collected previously. You don’t have to leave it to chance.

Translation of commercial reports

The importance of ensuring that everything is clear in a sales process involves having the right translation into the target language so as to avoid confusion in the future.

Translation of legal documents

We translate all types of legal documents that need to be submitted to a court, official body, or institution.

Translation of annual reports

Translate your company’s annual reports into any language you need. We translate more than 550 language combinations using terminology that is specific to your sector.

Translation of sales agreements

The importance of ensuring that everything is clear in a sales process involves having the right translation into the target language so as to avoid confusion in the future.

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