Translate financial texts

The specialized terminology of the world of finance is almost a language in and of itself. The vast number of terms that belong almost exclusively to this field make it essential for the translation to be carried out by a translator who knows financial jargon inside and out and who is up to date with the entire world’s economic situation so as not to cause more harm than good.

And there is a lot at stake: a slip-up when translating a few statements about the stock market in the media made by a notable person can bring that person down.

Beware: in a financial document not only the numbers speak. These texts also have to explain and convince — and that’s what explanatory texts are for, with their verbiage and technicalities that only translators familiar with the sector know.

You can build trust and persuade or build distrust and dissuade.

You decide; it’s your money.

Support your company’s credibility with a translation adapted to the sector by native translators from the financial field.

For your annual reports, audits, accounting sheets, technical analyses, and stock market documents, ensure a specialized translation for each document type.

Of course, we will provide you with maximum discretion and professionalism on our side.

Don’t risk it.

Call us now.

We can do it in more than 550 language combinations.

Financial translation services

Financial translation is one of the most complicated specializations within the area of technical translation. It’s not enough to just know the terminology of the field of finance; knowledge of the sector is also required.

Banks, companies, and financial publications request these services in order to carry out the translation of documents as complex as a company’s annual accounts, accounting reports, investment fund documents, and different types of audit reports.

The world of finance has its own language and register which completely differs from everyday language in terms of the terminology used. Therefore, it is necessary for the professional translator to have a high degree of knowledge about finance and economics, as well as experience in translating financial texts and documents.

Our financial translators carry out each translation with great care and attention, covering topics as varied as economics, banking, the stock market, investments, and accounting. An appropriate use of financial terminology and lexicon opens up hundreds of doors for companies, banks, and individuals.

Challenges of financial translations

Financial translation requires a high degree of lexical and financial knowledge. Therefore, financial translators must face and solve a series of difficulties when carrying out this type of translation:

  • Ambiguities: The lexicon and terminology have many connotations; thus, depending on the context, the words will have one meaning or another.
  • Loan words: The financial world has many loan words borrowed from English and other languages. Therefore, translators must be aware and able to decide whether to keep the borrowed term or adapt it to the target language.
  • Terminology and format: Depending on the context or the field that the translation is aimed at, one terminology type or another must be used.

Advantages of financial translation

More and more companies and banks are turning to translation agencies to translate financial and economic documents with quality guarantees. What’s more, there are multiple advantages to this type of translation:

  • Speed in processes, accuracy in translation, and cost savings.
  • Service adapted to the needs of each specific case.
  • It ensures the confidentiality of the documents to be dealt with.
  • It increases the company’s competitivity on the market.
  • It allows for the expansion of the company’s borders at all levels.

Why do a financial translation with Aire Traducciones?


Our team of translators specialized in the area of economics and finance ensures the quality of our translations. We guarantee top-notch service in our translation, review, and management of documents.


We ensure the absolute confidentiality of the financial data and any other information contained in the documentation to be translated.


When we do financial translations, we ensure that the contents of the documents fit with the cultural nuances and the idiosyncrasies of each region.

What financial translation do you need?

Banking translations

Translation of banking transactions, business reports, annual profit statements, shareholder reports, and commercial agreements.

Translations for investment

Adaptation of documents and publications to the cutting edge of information for rapid dissemination worldwide.

Other financial translations

Our translators specialize in all types of translations within the sector, such as: management and financial reports, economic justifications, social responsibility reports, application for and justification of grants, etc.

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