Commercial translations

Getting to the point and putting it bluntly, there is only one way to translate commercial texts: they have to sell.

And to sell, you have to get the product into the consumer’s head.

A good photo, to show the product in a good light, yes… but the text: that information is what the client definitely needs to see and assimilate.

And people today don’t read.

You send them a note with the event, day, place, and time… just those four things, and they still ask you two of them, sometimes even more: «Dear Mr. So-and-so, my wife and I are celebrating 50 years of marriage on June 15 and we would like nothing more than to have your presence at a cocktail party that will be held that very day at the Deluxe Hotel located in the town square, at 8:00 p.m. Confirmation is requested.»

Response from Mr. So-and-so: «Hey, Jim! I’m so happy for you! I’d be delighted to go. Where is it? What day? Also, tell me the time, you know that Sharon will want to go to the hairdresser and stuff. Anyway, let me know. See you soon!»

And that, in a mass mailing, with everyone’s mind working differently… it’s impossible to give a personal response to everyone.

It’s impossible to sell like that.

Why does this happen? Because we have an information overload.

Therefore, the only way to get them to pay attention to the text is to write creatively: sentences that attract attention. When they are scanning the text, you want their brain to say, «Wait…. what?? Huh??!!» And you want them to look again.

And to retain the information.

That’s the goal.

That’s where the trick is.

A call to action, a provocation, something incredible.

That’s what we do with your commercial texts at Aire Traducciones: incredible things.

We make sure that your texts will be read, assimilated by the brain, and retained so that your customers will buy.

And we do that in more than 550 language combinations.

Commercial translation services

Commercial translation, also known as marketing translation or advertising translation, aims to guarantee an organization or company’s communication with its suppliers and customers, as well as proper internal communication within the company itself.

It involves the translation of all types of texts within the area of marketing and advertising, such as catalogs, brochures, and promotional materials from companies, as well as advertising campaigns or presentations for a product or service.

The aim of a commercial or advertising translation is not only to inform about a product or service but also to persuade the target audience. Therefore, it is important for commercial and advertising translators to study and understand the marketing campaign’s strategy so that the language can be successfully adapted thereto.

Commercial, advertising, and marketing translation are essential for a product or service to be successful on new, international markets.

What types of documents need a commercial translation?

The field of commercial translation is so vast that, even today, there are still new types of texts that are cropping up and which require a translation of this type.

Having said that, in terms of the different types of texts that require commecial translation, the most common are:

  • Emails.
  • Corporate and internal documentation and procedures.
  • Briefings and presentations.
  • Catalogues and brochures for products and/or services.
  • Questionnaires, letters, and informational bulletins.
  • Product labels and datasheets.
  • Advertising campaigns and spots.
  • Invoices, delivery notes, and claims.
  • Market research and export reports.
  • Procedure, user, and product manuals.

The importance of a good commercial translation

With the arrival of globalization, companies are beginning to face new challenges that were simply not contemplated before. One of them is commercial expansion into foreign markets, with companies exporting their products and/or services all over the world and projecting their image onto international markets in search of new business opportunities.

There is where a good commercial translation comes in, as this type of translation is essential to achieve successful commercial expansion. This includes the translation of different types of documents, such as:

  • Translation of marketing texts: like a presentation or a brochure.
  • Translation of correspondence between companies: like emails or invoices.
  • Translation of advertising texts: like flyers or campaigns.

In all these cases, the aim is not to convey exactly what is written but to adapt the original message to the new language in the most appropriate way possible — taking into account, mainly, the culture and idiosyncrasies of the new markets.

Nowadays, commercial translation has become a key part of many companies’ daily business.

Why it is essential to have accurate commercial translations done by professionals?

Commerical translation requires not only great knowledge of advertising and marketing but also a good command of the different related sectors, considering the cultural and social aspects of each and every market.

Despite the fact that commercial documents do not usually use technical terminology, the language used still requires a deep reading and proper interpretation in order to subsequently be able to reflect all the linguistic nuances, concepts, and expressions in the translation and to make the products and services sound as desirable in the new language as they did in the original.

Thus, you have to use the services of a commercial translation agency with a team of professional and native commercial translators to ensure the quality and subsequent success of the translation on the market.

Why translate commercial documents with Aire Traducciones?

Commercial translators

Our commercial translators are a team of native professionals who guarantee utmost quality in their translations. In addition, they always do a custom documentation and terminological search to meet the needs of each project.

Professionalism and experience

Our commercial translators have extensive experience as well as great skill in terms of analysis and synthesis, which allows us to offer the client quality, documented, professional services.

Reliability and confidentiality

Our translators promise to protect our clients’ confidentiality and safeguard their data, undertaking a fast and 100% reliable translation of all the necessary commercial documents. In addition, we guarantee the ability to get ideas across and sell products and/or services on the international market.

What type of commercial translation do you need?

Translation of presentations

We can do your corporate presentation in any language you need, adapting the specific technical terminology of your sector to impress your customers.

Translation of catalogs

Break international barriers and expand your target market in different countries of the world. We translate product catalogs from different sectors such as the fashion, technology, and consumer goods sectors — among others.

Translation of price lists

Do you need to translate a price list for a foreign audience? We can translate your price lists to ensure that there are no language barriers.

Translation of business plans

A special service for entrepreneurs who wish to translate their business plan to create international companies or organizations.

Translation of press releases

If you want to improve your visibility on the international market and you have press campaigns in different countries, we can translate your press releases into 550 possible language combinations so that no physical or digital media outlet escapes you.

Translation of insurance forms

Help the insured to understand what they are contracting by translating their insurance forms and policy documents.

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