Translation of audiovisual projects

Making videos continuously as a form of promotion is on the rise and every brand dreams of having a video go viral.

The problem is that they use «auto-translate» captions for their videos and end up sabotaging their own image: the subtitles have nothing to do with what is really happening in the image or what is being said.

The only way to describe it is… disastrous.

Audio and visual: two channels.

We not only listen to the information, it is presented to us in a visual context that we have to adapt to and coordinate with.

This complexity requires experience and knowledge… don’t leave it in the hands of just anyone, especially not in the hands of a robot.

Many people like to watch films in their original version, not only because of the voice and acting but also because information is often lost in translation.

Here we are not just talking about translating; it’s a question of interpreting and putting a little feeling behind the words.

And don’t even get us started on the humor intertwined throughout with plays on words and the like which have no direct translation into the target language.

It’s definitely not work for robots… or for mediocre translators.

Audiovisual translation is precisely one of our specialties and advertising agencies and production companies have trusted in our work all throughout our 20 years of experience.

Dubbing, subtitling, audio description… native translations in more than 550 language combinations.

Audiovisual translation company

Every day we enjoy original audiovisual productions from other countries, and this happens thanks to the work of audiovisual translators. Are you a producer, distributor, company, or agency interested in this service?

At Aire Traducciones we have a team of native translators who know how to use the necessary tools to carry out a good audiovisual translation.

We adapt and translate all contents while preserving the original essence of the piece, helping with its internationalization around the world.

Do you want to promote your audiovisual content on the international market? Don’t delay any longer and contact us — there’s no obligation.

Benefits of working with an audiovisual translation company

Having an audiovisual translation company is key to ensuring that your content reaches everywhere on the planet while preserving the quality and original essence of your work.

Some of the benefits of working with audiovisual translation companies are:

  • Local translation thanks to our native translators.
  • An increase in your client portfolio.
  • Cost reduction in terms of the internationalization of content.
  • Guarantees in delivery times.
  • Your investment becomes more profitable, your work is taken more advantage of, and your bottom line grows.

Why do an audiovisual translation with Aire Traducciones?

Trust and transparency

We accompany our clients throughout the entire internationalization process for their work, offering close, tailored service adapted to their needs.

Quality and professionalism

At Aire Traducciones, we recognize the work of the professionals dedicated to this sector, offering services of the highest quality and professionalism done by only the best.

Accessibility and punctuality

We value the importance of having your contents reach any corner of the planet; thus, we ensure competitive rates while always complying with the set delivery deadlines.

What type of audiovisual translation do you need?


All subtitles should be adjusted to the viewer’s reading speed and to the image on the screen, adapting the length of the texts that appear.


Creation of natural and fluid dialog in another language that maintains the essence of the original piece and of its dialogues.

Translation of texts

Translation of audiovisual texts for productions (scripts, etc).


All of our translations of content are adapted to the target country, taking into account social and cultural factors.

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